The "Impossible" LeSS Adoption (remote experience)

Hear about the inspiring journey of a kaikaku flip-forward that drastically improved buisness agility and invloved eleven teams (136 people) at an e-commerce company in Poland. Learn how we moved away from the "modern" waterfall, component groups, siloed departments of architects, UX and CX, and a web of coordinators as we addressed problems like:

■ Business ideas were only delivered after many months.
■ Excessive external coordination was necessary.
■ Reanalysis overhead, complicated architecture, and a lack of knowledge sharing were prevalent.
■ Lack of trust between departments, leading to frustration and low motivation.
■ The Chinese whisper telephone game was a common practice for work handover.
■ Some teams were overloaded, while others had to invent work.

Would you like to know how we tackled those problems while significantly reduceing organization's lead time and simplifying the process using LeSS guidelines and system thinking?

Then join our talk where we will discuss all the pitfalls we encountered while reorganizing the structure and involve everyone in the company in defining new processes in a remote environment.

Discover what worked for us and what didn't while running huge workshops like: LeSS Product Definition Workshop, Self-Designing Teams Workshop, Get2Know Workshop, Product level Definition of Done, and LeSS events such as Remote Sprint Planning One and Remote Multi-Team Sprint Review.

Find answers to questions about change management and the systematic approach to dealing with transition Top-down and Bottom-up. Learn how to challange the status quo despite Larman's Laws of Organizational Behavior and without any external Agile Consultants.


Błażej DrobniuchAgile Coach / Scrum Master / Programmer / Trainer🌱
Barcelona, Spain
Michał SikluckiSenior Engineering Manager
Kraków, Poland