Navigating the Rocky Path to Successful Feature Teams

Explore the challenges and opportunities that arise when companies transition from Component Teams to cross-functional Feature Teams.

While this transition represents a significant change in organizational structure, the original individual functional roles often remain unchanged. Explore in this session the dynamics of this setup and consider what can be developed in the short and long term. Target audience: This session is aimed at executives, team leaders, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and anyone working in agile environments or interested in the development of self-managing, cross-functional, and performing teams. Learning objectives: - Understanding the challenges of transitioning from Component to Feature Teams. - Insights into the dynamics of roles in cross-functional teams. - Developing approaches to promote effective team dynamics.

Konstantin RibelCLT • Streamline Efforts, Achieve Impact 💥
Munich, Germany
Lean Sherpas GmbH