Large Scale Facilitation

Imagine a group of between 5 and 50 people has just arrived in a room. People who might know each other, or may have met for the very first time…

And you have to help them achieve something, or come to some specific decision.

Yet, you have no authority or claim over them whatsoever, other than each person’s individual interest in what the group is here to do.

Perhaps you feel at ease, and confident in a way to lead the group to a successful outcome. If so, this session might not offer you anything new.

But otherwise… in this session we’ll look at the Large Scale Facilitation toolbox — a selection of techniques, practices, and processes for working with large diverse groups.

  • A process to surface impediments to action, and how to overcome them
  • How to bring a group to attention without shutting them down
  • The power of being slightly unprofessional
  • Working with the four Zones of Attention
  • Three things we can learn from theater actors and improv comedians
  • Where to find other facilitation tools
  • Some trainings that are available from different organisations, and what each offers

We’ll also discuss what it means to be a Large Scale Facilitator — the attitudes, perspectives, and source of inner calm you need to successfully work with large groups.

The session will touch upon Huge Scale Facilitation: what can you do with 51 - 500 (or more) people.

Amsterdam, Netherlands