LeSS Simulation with LEGO

Since invented in 2009 lego4scrum has become a widely popular simulation to teach Scrum. Nowadays how to get several teams to scrum, seems, is no longer a secret. Though knowing how to make agile work in a large-scale multi-team environment is!

So join us for this practical and fun session to learn the key principles of Large-Scale Scrum illustrated by simulating product development with 100+ participants all working together on a common product.

In the late 2016 we broke the world record teaching Scrum with #lego4scrum with over 155 people (22 development teams) all building a single common product. So let's see if we can break it again today. Come and help us make it.

What you will learn by doing:

  • working closely with the market representatives to know their needs
  • achieving shared understanding of a product with 10+ teams working together
  • setting up a suitable (flat) organizational structure capable of delivering
  • putting a lightweight process on top that is barely enough but enables self-management
  • building a working product that satisfies the market needs

Great helpers for us will be understanding of complexity and system thinking and knowing how Scrum really works on the team-level.

You will see few key ideas from the "LeSS Huge" framework in action:

  • overall product backlog
  • single Product Owner
  • Area Product Owners
  • joint multi-team Scrum meetings
Alexey KrivitskyCertified LeSS Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer, Creator of Org Topologies™
Münich, Germany
Adaptivity, Inc