Management 3.0 Practices to complement LeSS

In this session, Certified LeSS Trainer & Management 3.0 Trainer Jürgen De Smet will let you experience how Management 3.0 practices can be used within LeSS Adoptions.

Management 3.0 practices are based on complexity thinking and are in essence a new cocktail of a long time existing paradigms. You could consider them an addition to the existing 600+ experiments explained in the 3 LeSS books by Craig Larman & Bas Vodde. In that sense Jürgen has been experimenting with some practices during LeSS Coaching assignments at BASE Company, Barco ClickShare, Eandis and others. He discovered some work very well and are a valid extension to support organisations grow their LeSS environments.

In this session Jürgen will take you along a couple of the practices that proved their benefits in the context they were used. He will explain the specifics of the context and let you experience the M30 practice accordingly so you go out of the session with a couple of practical tools in your hands.

The idea came from the recent LeSS Coach Camp in Berlin where one of the attendees raised the topic on Management 3.0 and LeSS, below the notes from that session