Does the LeSS Scrum Master Need to be Super Human?

We will investigate this question in two different sessions
Part I: Variation of the Knowledge Cafe-Format about the LeSS Scrum Master in theory & practice
Part II: Peer Coaching in a "Reflecting Team"
Both events can be attended independently. The Peer Coaching will be scheduled as part of the Open Space.

Part I
In this session we will discuss about responsibility, mindset and challenges of a Scrum Master and what is specific about it in LeSS, e.g. in comparison to the Scrum Guide 2020. We will start with a kickoff presentation about theoretical aspects and refer to key insights gathered in a LeSS community Munich meetup we hosted in June 2021 titled "Guidelines for Scrum Masters - How do I a coach a team in LeSS". The presentation will be followed by a peer reflection in parallel breakouts, in which we will dive deeper into questions like "mandate", "staying sane" and "diversity" amongst Scrum Masters and identify challenges resulting from a wrong or dysfunctional adoption of LeSS. After collecting results and impressions from the breakouts, we will conclude on the question if a LeSS Scrum Master needs to be super(wo)man.

Part II
In our community we learned that their was a big need from LeSS Scrum Masters to talk about contextual aspects and get advice on what to do, when things do not work as planned. We want to offer guidance for these people and invite them to share their case in our peer coaching session - or contribute with their experience, empathy and tips. In order to achieve a truly meaningful outcome for the case contributor, we will use a coaching practice called "reflecting team" to gather multiple perspectives and collect a bouquet of possible ideas from which the contributor can choose what best fits purpose and context.

Munich, Germany
Valtech GmbH
Anne HübnerSenior Consultant
München, Germany
Valtech GmbH