Simplify organizations by creating and protecting Teamwork

Teamwork is the only way to organize for creating new previously unknown solutions. Bureaucracy can only repeat a known process and strangles Teamwork, especially in large organizations. Teamwork, great collaboration is not limited to ideal teams. It can improve a broad spectrum of work settings like communities, projects, or temporary workgroups.

Why Teamwork as the organizational design

  • Control mechanisms in organizations
  • The amazing benefits of a mature team
  • Teamwork in the top management

Understanding and creating Teamwork in practice

  • Hackman's essential prerequisites
  • Human interaction, culture, and behavioral norms
  • Group dynamics, the invisible authority
  • Tuckman's *orming corrected
  • Process coaching

Applying Teamwork

  • Applicability to communities, meetings, projects, departments
  • Teamwork in the Coaching Community
    - Case Cowboy Coaches 
  • Launching a team

Developing Teamwork systematically

Ari TikkaLeSS Coach
Helsinki, Finland
Gosei Oy