When LeSS needs more

Deutsche Bank is already achieving success with another scaling framework. So, when our department decided to bring in LeSS with its focuses on descaling, this was not without challenge but also enormous opportunity.

Just how do we help LeSS root and thrive in an environment that isn’t optimised to support, without it losing its richness? How do we get people of all levels, especially the Board, to buy into something that continues to feel contrary?

This session looks at 2 LeSS Huge adoptions at Deutsche Bank and specifically the target operating model (TOM) elements created around it.
Framework inception may sound like heresy, but consciously building in principles and process around adoptions, that work within the constraints that come with the territory of heavily regulated environments, I’d argue are a must; especially if we want to give them a fighting chance of surviving and making a material difference to the wellbeing of the wider organisation

Sevilla, Spain