Y Soft LeSS journey since 2019

Y Soft started their LeSS journey in 2019. All engineering teams started working from a single Product Backlog and shared responsibilities on the development and maintenance of the product.

In 2020, Y Soft made a second big step forward by removing the management layer in engineering (one VP for all engineering teams), promoted self-management of teams and teams used their learnings from the start of the LeSS journey to design teams that are better able to deliver end-to-end based on the features from the Product Backlog. With covid coming in and in parallel a change of strategy, Y Soft made steps forward and changed their product massively. Teams stepped up and many stakeholders in Y Soft worked even closer to make it a success. Later in 2020, Y Soft introduced a second product. Innovations within the single Product Backlog led to a new product that had its own Product Backlog and three teams moving there. At the same time, 2 members from the board became the Product Owner for the 2 products. In the upcoming time, Y Soft is preparing for LeSS Huge for their original product. At the time of the conference more information on that journey can be shared as well.

Prague, Czechia