Does a Less Scrum Master need to be superhuman - Part II

Last year we shared our thoughts about the high expectations a Scrum Master in LeSS needs to meet and invited participants to discuss some typical challenges they are facing while trying to find their role and their focus. From the feedback we got, there is still a huge need for support with individual struggles from peers. We would like to follow up on this and provide a forum for reflection. This year, we will dive deeper into the following topics:

  • How do I coach a team of single skill experts to become a cross-functional team?
  • How do I handle overload and prevent burnout?
  • How do I effectively work with Product Owner and Area Product Owner?

We will

  • set the scene, then
  • diverge into breakouts, each focussing on one topic.
  • Finally we would like to invite you to share insights from your group discussions.

By this we hope to gather some ideas on how Scrum Masters can achieve a good work-life-balance and manage their own energy level.

  • 10' Introduction & setting the scene
  • 30' Breakouts to reflect and learn with peers
  • 20' Joint harvesting of learnings


Munich, Germany
Valtech GmbH
Anne HübnerSenior Consultant
München, Germany
Valtech GmbH