Team Knowledge Modell (TKM)

Since 2009, I have been using the Team Knowledge Model (TKM) that I developed. With the help of the TKM, teams can identify and visualize their knowledge distribution or knowledge gaps in the team. Subsequently, they can derive suitable measures to build up know-how and, measured over time, show the corresponding learning progress in the team.

In this experience report, I will present the TKM and show real TKMs of real teams and explains how the teams dealt with it, which measures they took and what these teams achieved with it.

I will answer the following questions in this report:

  • What are the benefits of the Team Knowledge Model?
  • What can be visualized with the TKM?
  • How does the TKM contribute to fostering Team collaboration?
  • What practical experiences have already been made with this model?
  • How and when to introduce the TKM in teams or organizations?
  • What problems can arise with the model? 

Of course, there will be time for further questions after the presentation.

Haar, Germany
Valtech GmbH