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Excellence in LeSS Education

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In our commitment to shaping organizations that are simpler, more adaptive, and focused on maximizing value while enriching the human experience at work, we take pride in certifying trainers capable of delivering high-quality LeSS courses.

These Certified LeSS Trainers are not just educators; they are architects of change, deeply versed in the principles of Large-Scale Scrum. Their expertise is pivotal in guiding organizations towards a more streamlined, value-driven, and human-centric way of working.

Join us in exploring the world of LeSS through the wisdom and experience of our Certified LeSS Trainers, each an expert in facilitating transformative organizational change.

Explore Our Certified Trainers

Meet the experts in LeSS education. Our Certified LeSS Trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to their courses, ensuring that you receive training that is both informative and transformative.

Bas VoddeAmstelveen, Netherlands
Craig LarmanVancouver, Canada
Ran NymanHelsinki, Finland
Karim HarbottLondon, United Kingdom
Ben MaynardLondon, United Kingdom
Mark BregenzerHaar, Germany
Venkatesh KrishnamurthyMelbourne, Australia
Viktor GrgićHong Kong, Hong Kong
Greg HutchingsNeuilly-sur-Seine and Seattle, WA, USA, France
Michael MaiMunich, Germany
Alexey KrivitskyMünich, Germany
Jurgen De SmetKortrijk, Belgium
Michael JamesSeattle, Washington, United States
Ahmad FahmyLondon, United Kingdom
Timothy KorsonCleveland, Tennessee, United States
Yi LvHangzhou, China
Cesario RamosUtrecht, Netherlands
Elad SoferHod Hasharon, Israel
Gene GendelNew York, New York, United States
Robert BrieseBerlin, Germany
Dinesh SharmaLondon, United Kingdom
Wolfgang RichterGraz, Austria
Konstantin RibelMunich, Germany
ILLIA PavlichenkoAntaliya, Turkey
Robert BatůšekBrno, Czech Republic
Mark Uijen de KleijnEindhoven, Netherlands
Wolfgang SteffensLohja, Finland
James CarpenterMilwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

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Interested in advancing your agile skills? Browse through our upcoming LeSS courses to find one that aligns with your learning goals. Stay ahead in your agile journey by learning from the best in the field.

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Are you driven by the desire to teach and inspire others in the world of Large-Scale Scrum? Learn more about the journey to becoming a Certified LeSS Trainer, and take the first step towards joining this elite group of agile professionals.

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Whether you are looking to enhance your agile knowledge or aspire to become a Certified LeSS Trainer, our community of experts is here to guide you. Explore our list of certified trainers, enroll in a course, or begin your journey to become a trainer yourself. The path to agile mastery awaits.