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Complement your LeSS learning journey

Dive Deeper with Specialized Courses

In addition to our certified LeSS courses, we offer a variety of supporting courses designed to enrich your understanding of Large-Scale Scrum. These courses, led by Certified LeSS Coaches, delve into the essential and supportive technical practices that are integral to the LeSS framework.

Explore Our Range of LeSS Supporting Courses

Discover courses that cater to specific aspects of LeSS, providing you with the tools and knowledge to effectively implement and sustain LeSS principles in your organization. A key offering includes:

Upcoming Supporting Courses

Keen to deepen your LeSS expertise? Browse our list of upcoming supporting courses to find the perfect match for your learning needs.

Designing Agile Organizations2024-04-182 daysBrussels, BelgiumJurgen De Smet
Org Topologies™ Practitioner (OTP)2024-04-252 daysAmsterdam, NetherlandsAlexey Krivitsky
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices (Certified Scrum Developer @ScrumAlliance)2024-04-295 daysTaipei, Taiwan尹哲
Agile Leadership & Management Stufe 12024-05-222 days(Online) Graz, AustriaWolfgang Richter
Org Topologies™ Practitioner (OTP)2024-05-232 daysInstanbul, TurkeyAlexey Krivitsky
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2024-05-232 daysUtrecht, NetherlandsCesario Ramos
Certified Coaching Agile Organizations Workshop2024-05-273 daysAmsterdam, NetherlandsCesario Ramos
Org Topologies™ Practitioner (OTP)2024-06-042 daysGhent, BelgiumAlexey Krivitsky
Agile Leadership & Management Stufe 22024-06-122 days(Online) Graz, AustriaWolfgang Richter
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2024-06-131. DAO Kurs in Deutsch 💥 Sehr Interaktiv! 2Tage mit viel Diskussion und Gruppenarbeiten 💥Hamburg, GermanyWolfgang Steffens
A Systemic approach to Continuous Improvement2024-06-19💥 interaktiv 🤩 fun 👉 ein tolles Lernerlebnis 💥 Praxisnah 💥Nürnberg, GermanyWolfgang Steffens
LeSS in Action: Product Developer Practices2024-07-015 daysMunich, Germany尹哲
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2024-09-022 daysUtrecht, NetherlandsCesario Ramos
Org Topologies™ Practitioner (OTP)2024-09-122 daysPrague, Czech RepublicAlexey Krivitsky
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2024-09-191. DAO class in Finland💥 create your own Agile frameworks that really fit what your organization needs 💥 Highly interactive 2-day class with plenty of group work and discussions 💥Helsinki, FinlandWolfgang Steffens
Certified Coaching Agile Organizations Workshop2024-10-023 daysUtrecht, NetherlandsCesario Ramos
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices2024-10-075 daysTaipei, Taiwan尹哲
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2024-11-07💥 interactive 💥 fun 💥 inspiring Learning Experience 💥Munich, GermanyWolfgang Steffens
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices2024-11-115 daysSingapore, Singapore尹哲
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2024-11-212 daysAmsterdam, NetherlandsCesario Ramos
Certified Coaching Agile Organizations Workshop2024-12-093 daysUtrecht, NetherlandsCesario Ramos
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2025-04-23💥 interactive 💥 fun 💥 inspiring Learning Experience 💥 New York City, New York, United StatesWolfgang Steffens

Your Opportunity to Excel with LeSS

Take the next step in your LeSS journey. Engage with our supporting courses to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Large-Scale Scrum, enhancing your skills and preparing you for successful LeSS implementations.