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Hod Hasharon, Israel
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I am first and foremost a SW developer. While working for Nokia Networks in 2007 I introduced to the fact that there are better ways of developing software than what I was doing until that time. This discovery changed my personal and professional life.

Being a Nokia Network employee, scaling agile was an relevant topic from the beginning of my agile career, so inspired by the first LeSS books (scaling lean and agile by Vodde/Larman) I was practicing LeSS even before it was called LeSS.

As I was taking my first steps in the agile and lean path I had found that many people and organizations are not familiar with the agile and lean approach, and as my knowledge and experience expanded I decided to embark on a journey to help spread the agile mindset wherever I can, and by that help improve the well-being and success of organizations and their employees.

In the beginning as a freelance agile coach, and in 2011 I have started my own company called "practical agile".
By now I have gained experience working with a large number of software projects, teams and organizations, varying from small to big, from lightweight startups to enterprises and government offices in Israel.

In addition to that I am the founder of the Israeli agile community called "agile practitioners IL".

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