The Fundamental development pattern: Dreaming, Thinking, Doing

Learn the missing essential pattern to understand and explain the Product Owner's work. It is valid for any development work: My new house, a new small piece of software, Continuous Improvement, or a new car model with tens of thousands of engineers.

It can be drawn and explained in 30 seconds to provide a universal map of product and process development flow. It provides the context to discuss the big picture, and to integrate the otherwise loose details into the whole.

As a consultant, I participate in the organization's conversation and create new vocabulary. This model sticks fast, becoming the shared basis to discuss any detail. I have been drawing this pattern on a flipboard or sticker every day. In another case, it was the first thing to explain when negotiating a transformation.

In this session, I explain a dozen uses of the model, ranging from philosophical understanding to different use of Teamwork to practical problem statements and solutions.

  • The different natures of Dreaming, Thinking and Doing
  • Where the knowledge is stored
  • Organizational design
  • Mapping techniques and traditions to the model
  • (Not) growing from small and effective to large and bureaucratic
  • Teamwork, great collaboration
  • Understanding huge product design, like a new car model
  • How to avoid the explosion of detail
  • Power relations, subcultures, learning, conflict resolution
  • Continuous improvement

Good thinking leads to good action.

Ari TikkaLeSS Coach
Helsinki, Finland
Gosei Oy
Lucy KarpovaSenior Agile Coach
Munich, Germany