How LeSS increased our developer engagement

Within Accent, one of the leading HR-talent providers in Belgium with about 1200 employees, we have transitioned our IT-department to a LeSS alike framework. Since the start in December 2021 we could already identify a number of successes. What we consider as one of the major wins is the growth in developer engagement. Louis (developer), Mark (team lead), Hannes (developer), Sofie (management) will give some more insight in how we achieve this on a daily basis, some developer testimonials and statistics.

- More transparency by going from a powerpoint roadmap to one single, multi-dimensional product backlog in Miro

- Bring developers and end users closer to each other by open refinement sessions

- More experimentation opportunities by giving full autonomy to the teams concerning sprint-backlog

- A scrum master guild that is truly open for all layers of the organization and has the mandate to fundamentally change processes

- A set of recurring learning events where everybody is encouraged to share and acquire knowledge


Kortrijk, Belgium
Hannes CattrysseAgile Coach
Deinze, Belgium
Sofie BuyckDelivery Manager
Meulebeke, Belgium