Introduction into Systems Modelling


Very often people in organizations still use linear thinking models i.e. they see only linear cause-effect relations. Reality is made up of circles. In today's complex world, systems thinking with circular models prove to be more useful in many situations to understand the interrelationships and thus able to make better decisions. It is a crucial cornerstone for a Learning Organization to understand those dynamics in their organization.

Systems thinking is also a key to owning, instead of renting, the organizational design. It is a method to help people to talk and reason about, visualize, model, and optimize the organizational systems. As a consequence, systems thinkers arrive at their own insights about their system and its dynamics.

Systems Thinking is an essential part of the LeSS framework. In this hands-on workshop, we will learn to create those systems models. Interesting and useful!

Wolfgang SteffensSystems Thinker
Lohja, Finland
kai kaku Oy