Being agile in construction - about the agile construction working model inspired by LeSS

How do you bring agile principles inspired by LeSS to a 3bn EUR construction project that operates with complex political guidelines, high demands of the society and a complex project environment with several contractors and partners? We are sharing first hand experiences from the 5 phases of the agile construction working model. It is one of the still very rare practical examples of a large-scale agile implementation in the area of construction. This is what you will learn by joining our talk:

- The big bend: How we adopted agile principles in the construction industry
- The birth of a Working Model: How we created the 5 Phases of our agile construction working model and how each phase contributes to project agility and responsiveness.
- The connection to LeSS: How we moved closer and closer to LeSS and why this was important for the success of the Agile Construction Working Model.
- The high demands: How we navigated political and social demands in this large-scale construction project
- The celebration of failure: How and where we failed and what we learned from it.

About the project:
The SuedOstLink is a major German infrastructure project designed to support the Energiewende by transporting wind power from the north to the south, as nuclear power plants in the south are phased out. Spanning 540 kilometres from Wolmirstedt in Saxony-Anhalt to near Landshut in Bavaria, it uses HVDC technology for efficient electricity transmission. The project involves multiple stakeholders: 50Hertz manages the northern section, TenneT oversees the southern part, and the project “Civil & Lines” is responsible for the 525kV high-voltage transmission line assets, including product design, production, logistics, civil and installation works.

Thorben Müller, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH
After completing his engineering studies at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Thorben Müller has worked in the project business of the energy industry in various companies and functions since 2009 and joined 50Hertz Transmission GmbH in 2019 as a project manager within the SuedOstLink programme. Today, he heads the "Civil & Lines" project and is responsible for the construction of the programme's linear assets and is the initiator of the agile working model at 50Hertz.

Jörn Hendrik Ast, New Work Heroes GmbH
Jörn Hendrik Ast works as an Agile Coach and engages in Podcasting and Film Making. He works with new forms of team collaboration and the question how we as human beings can develop our competencies and purposes. With his support, the Agile Construction working model was created and further developed in 5 phases from 2022 to 2024.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany