Beyond adopting frameworks

Adopting LeSS frameworks is not the only way that we benefit from LeSS. When organizations have their own pace of continuous improvement, it is more likely for them to benefit from LeSS experiments - beyond adopting frameworks. This session will be a combination of talk and workshop.

The first part is a talk. We explore the effects and pitfalls in adopting frameworks. What is the purpose of adopting frameworks? What are the assumptions enabling the approach? How does adopting frameworks drive and/or restrain continuous improvement? Understanding those helps us focus on what matters the most - continuously improve product development, as well as take more balanced views on frameworks and experiments in LeSS - adopting frameworks when appropriate, while learning from experiments to support continuous improvement.

The second part is a workshop. We shift the focus from frameworks to experiments. We are going to select a list of LeSS experiments from various areas (product, team, engineering and organization) of product development, and do systems modeling in groups to explore the factors and dynamics involved in those experiments. This demonstrates another way to benefit from LeSS - gaining insights from related experiments to support own improvement.

Hangzhou, China