Evolution of self-managed teams - a real life study.

Self-managed teams in a local Spanish company.

Nowadays most people have heard of, know or have experience with self-managed teams. What we want to bring you here is a reflection on how self-managed teams evolve. Nowadays, most people have heard about, know or have experience with self-managed teams, so we do not propose to talk about theory. Instead, we propose to walk through the history of the formation and evolution of 5 self-managed teams in a hierarchical multinational organization. In this story we will be able to revisit (and reflect) on fundamental concepts of self-management, as well as details that normally go unnoticed in traditional literature, for example, how do people who are going to be part of a self-managed team receive? How do we face evolution? What path are we going to travel? How do we deal with the "loss" of power compared to other teams? How do we generate a "performance management" process for self-managed teams in a hierarchical organization? We hope that from this session you can take away reflections on concepts, some useful models and some tips to be able to work with self-managed teams.

Madrid, Spain
Israel Alcázar RodríguezCo-founder and Organizational Consultant at Thinking With You
Getafe, Spain