LeSS Adoption at Emeria Technologies: Navigating Highs and Lows to Achieve the Unachievable

Emeria Technologies is the Paris-based product development subsidiary of the Emeria, a world’s leading provider of real estate services and technologies. In late 2021, we decided to shift from a siloed, somewhat chaotic development to an adaptive, product-focused organisation using LeSS.

This talk will share the highs and lows of our 2.5-year adoption journey, offering candid insights into what it takes to reshape an organisation for adaptability and business impact, while:
- going from theory to “change is inevitable”, observing and adjusting the workflow of 10 teams through more than 50 LeSS Sprints;
- switching to product-centric thinking to enable roll out the product to over 50 agencies (with 7000 collaborators, serving over 2 million customers across France);
- facing the realities of replacing a business-critical application within a large organisation - from maintenance to user support;
- tackling technical debt and pushing for engineering excellence.