Self-Designing Teams Workshop

Create teams.

The LeSS Conference is a team-based conference. Everyone is recommended to join a team and during the conference there will be reflection sessions for the teams to reflect on their experiences and share their learnings with their team members. All teams are asked to produce a shared conference experience which they’ll be sharing in a bazaar-style conference ending.

This session will use self-designing team workshop techniques to create LeSS Conference teams. The techniques are the same as used in LeSS adoptions.

The steps will be:

1. Clarify purpose of teams and self-designing team workshops
2. Set up the constraints for each teams
3. Iterate over forming teams
4. Teams find space, create name, make it their area, and introduce each other.”


Vancouver, Canada
Craig Larman LeSS Coaching
Neuilly-sur-Seine and Seattle, WA, USA, France