Systematic Problem Solving with Causal Loop Diagrams and A3's

In this workshop we will explore how to solve problems systematically by using Causal Loop Diagrams and the A3 method.

What is different in a "traditional" compared to a "high-velocity" organization? How does Deming's PDCA look alike in those firms?
What does it mean to solve problems systematically and why is the systemic approach important? What are the enablers for a successful usage of the A3 method? How can we combine Causal Loop Diagrams and the A3 method in a meanigful way? Those are some of the questions we will explore in this interactive workshop. We will practice in this workshop to solve a problem in a systematic way.

In order to make this workshop even more meaningful and interesting for you: BRING YOUR OWN PROBLEM TO THIS WORKSHOP!

(this means, you must be able to talk about this problem, provide context, most likely dig deeper into details without violating security

Wolfgang SteffensSystems Thinker
Lohja, Finland
kai kaku Oy