Site Live (with new Logos)

Today, we’ve finally ‘released’ the site. Calling it released is a bit funny for us as we continuously deployed it, but we deleted the “under construction” sign :)

The last tweaks to the site were some big improvements in the front picture, navigation and some of the technical excellence content. Though, by far the most interesting tweaks have been the logo. We’ve iterated perhaps 100 different variants (thanks for your patience, Fred) and continuously asked people for different opinions and they constantly gave all different opinions. :) That said, I think the current logo is an improvement over earlier one and I’m liking it.

Working on site and book

I’m typing this small post as I’m in the plane to Korea for a short training session. The last weeks have been amazingly busy yet exciting. The upcoming LeSS book is really shaping up well and this site also. It has been quite a struggle to get the design right and the content right. On the site, I don’t think we’re there yet, but at least it is good enough now and hopefully useful for people.

What’s coming up next? Still more work on the book. We’re getting to the end of this 2 year project. I should remind Craig about his statement of this being a short book project… Next year the LeSS trainins and working with other people becoming LeSS trainers. Exciting times.