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Selecting the ideal coach for successful LeSS adoption

Embarking on a LeSS adoption journey is a critical step for your organization, and the role of a skilled coach cannot be overstated. The right coach can significantly enhance this transition. To aid in your selection, consider these refined guidelines:

  • Prioritize Hands-On Experience
    Choose a coach with practical experience in both participating in and guiding LeSS adoptions. Seek individuals over training providers, ensuring your coach possesses more than just theoretical knowledge.

  • Focus on the Individual
    Great coaching is deeply personal. Identify a coach with whom you can build a lasting professional relationship. Prefer individual expertise over large consulting or training firms.

  • Technical Acumen is Key
    In LeSS, technical decisions are intertwined with team and organizational strategies. Your coach should have a comprehensive understanding of these aspects. Avoid candidates with limited technical backgrounds, such as those primarily experienced in traditional project management roles.

  • Commitment for the Long Haul
    LeSS adoption is a journey, not a sprint. Engage with a coach who is prepared to support you throughout this extended process, steering clear of those offering short-term, surface-level engagements.

  • Invest in Quality
    Opting for a more cost-effective coach may seem appealing, but it can be counterproductive. Prioritize quality and expertise to avoid ineffective or failed LeSS adoptions.

  • Ownership of the Selection Process
    This decision is too crucial to be outsourced. Ensure that those who will work directly with the coach are involved in the selection process, rather than delegating it to unrelated departments.

  • Beyond Certifications
    While certifications can be a testament to a coach’s dedication to their field, they should not be the sole criterion. Focus more on the practical aspects outlined above.

  • Consider Multiple Candidates
    Explore options and evaluate several coaches before committing. This approach ensures a more informed decision, leading to a stronger, more fruitful coaching relationship.

Remember, the choice of a coach can significantly impact the success of your LeSS adoption. Take time, evaluate thoroughly, and choose wisely.

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