Beyond Copy Paste Agile

After 5 years at Spotify, I was frustrated with everyone trying to copy us. This talk covers the problems with trying to copy, and what you can do instead when you want to be effective.

Most companies waiting to, or claiming to, be agile, start at the team level. After years on this journey fraught with “resistance” and lots of expensive change, they're seldom able to show results that are meaningful to customers or the business Part of the problem is the core assumption that the problems, and therefore solutions exist at the team level. Often this involves adopting a model or framework that either only has those parts, or ignoring the Program and Stategy level changes. I draw on my experiences as a Business Manager, Head of Product, and Coach. I'll share examples from Spotify, a large Insurance brand, and 2 fast growth Scaleups. We’ll explore this through three lenses. Systems - Looking beyond the team level to create focus across all Flight Levels Science - How to find your highest leverage opportunities Sapiens - How to build habits that consistently design around your Bias This talk will demonstrate how the 3 lenses help gather broader input, make more meaningful change, which leads to lasting impact.