A Systemic approach to Continuous Improvement


Description :

This workshop focuses on the topic of Continuous Improvement in teams, organizations, and companies by exploring how to get better at current processes and ways of working by using the A3 method in combination with Systems Thinking and the Toyota Kata model.

You have a vision (or a desired target state) for your organization and you face challenges, problems, and hurdles to reach this vision or have ideas on how to improve the existing system. All those issues follow a similar pattern and you will be faced with one or several of the following conditions:

  • you and your colleague do not share the same understanding of the vision (or target state)
  • you and your colleague do not share the same understanding of the issue
  • you do not know what to do next
  • you are overwhelmed by the amount of options to choose from
  • you don't know whether the path forward will bring you closer to your vision
  • you forgot to measure your progress and whether you will get closer to your goals

It's time to enhance your competence and skills by applying a systemic approach to Continuous Improvement. What differentiates a “traditional” compared to a “high-velocity” learning organization? How does Deming’s PDCA look alike in those firms? What does it mean to improve with a systemic approach and why is this important? What is tje role of experiments? In order to make this workshop even more meaningful and interesting for you:  we will examine your own improvement areas in this workshop!


Agenda :

  • Introduction to PDCA essentials
  • Introduction to A3 method
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • The art of continuous improvement in real life
  • The importance of experiments and how to prioritize those
  • Q&A

Details :

After successful workshop completion, all participants will

  • receive a Certificate of Attendance
  • receive the  handout as PDF


Wolfgang is a passionate, energetic, inspiring, and authentic coach with 15+ years of experience in large-scale Lean and Agile Global Product Development. He is a certified trainer for Creating Agile Organizations, a Certified LeSS Trainer and LeSS Coach, a Systems Thinker, and a Scrum Master. His learning started in 2005 when he was introduced to Scrum and Agile for the first time. He coached organizations in their LeSS adoption from 2007 onwards and in 2010 a SAFe adoption. Systems Thinking and Systematic Problem Solving workshops are just some of his favorite

He has 10+ years of experience in Program and Project Management, including the successful commercial launch of products. Further, he has many years of experience as a Development Manager for Program Management at the Business Unit and division level within Nokia, as well as at the company level at Nokia Siemens Networks.

His 3+ years Round-The-World journey on a motorcycle with his dogs has sharpened his problem-solving skills and he started to practice the art of mindfulness.

Besides his long experience in telecommunication with Nokia/Nokia Siemens Networks, his latest assignments were in organizations like insurance, digital automation, retail, automotive, pump systems, electromechanical as well as electro-mechatronical product development organizations. In October 2020 he founded kai kaku Oy in Finland and he continues to provide training and coaching to organizations worldwide.


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