Certified Org Topologies™ Practitioner, Level 1 (COTP-1)


Description :

About the event

This two-day practical class is designed for executives, managers, consultants - all influencers excited and challenged about designing, assessing and sustaining agile ecosystems at the whole-company level to solve their existing problems by scaling agility beyond the team-level and frameworks.

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Taught by the creators of Org Topologies™ in an innovative format called "Org Design Studio" that allows participants to sketch, prototype, iterate, evaluate and improve different org design options with ease.

Agenda :

Day One - “Assessing Agility”:

  • Seven archetypes of org design for product development
  • Two key org design drivers that determine organizational maturity
  • Six key paradigm shifts for transformation
  • Assessing org design with Org Topologies™ Scans
  • Assessing existing scaling frameworks with Org Topologies™
  • Understanding the qualities of high-level org archetypes

Day Two - “Designing for Agility”

  • Four personal transformation journeys of CEO, Product Manager, Engineering Managers, Teams
  • Discovering the product gap
  • Designing high-level archetypes and practices to create and sustain them
  • Sketching & improving org design options with Org Design Studio
  • Participants discover options for improving org design of their organizations

Details :

The body of knowledge this class is based upon is derived from Org Topologies.

Org Topologies™ will enable you to own and master your path toward higher states of adaptability, starting from wherever you are now. Your organization will be more customer-focused, enabling you to stay relevant for your customers and stakeholders in the long run.


This training is delivered by the creators of Org Topologies™

  • Alexey Krivitsky - a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) for scrumalliance.org
  • Roland Flemm - a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) for scrum.org 

Both have been actively consulting in the field of business agility and large-scale product development for more than 15 years each.

In-house Format?

If you are interested to invite us for an in-house workshop, please email us at hi@orgtopologies.com.

Price: 1 695 EURO

Early Bird Price: 1 290 EURO (End Date: 2023-08-31)

Additional Price Information: Ask for a group discount or an in-house class option.