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LeSS Supporting Courses

Besides the certified LeSS courses, there are supporting courses for learning more about LeSS given by Certified LeSS Coaches. For example, there are courses that cover the necessary and supporting technical practices.

Here are some ‘standard LeSS supporting courses’:

Upcoming courses

Beyond Budgeting – Business agility in practice2023-09-29Bjarte Bogsnes leads this workshop - a fantastic opportunity to learn more about "the elephant in the room"Berlin, НімеччинаWolfgang Steffens
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2023-10-052 dayMünich, НімеччинаCesario Ramos
LeSS in Action: Product Developer Practices2023-10-095 daySingapore, СінгапурTerry Yin
Coaching Agile Organizations Workshop2023-10-093 dayAmsterdam, НідерландиCesario Ramos
Certified Org Topologies™ Practitioner, Level 1 (COTP-1)2023-10-122 dayUtrecht, НідерландиAlexey Krivitsky, Roland Flemm
Certified Org Topologies™ Practitioner, Level 1 (COTP-1)2023-10-192 dayMünich, НімеччинаAlexey Krivitsky, Roland Flemm
Live Virtual | Designing Agile Organizations2023-10-243 days from 1pm until 6pm (UTC)(Online) Lisbon, ПортугаліяCesario Ramos
Designing Agile Organizations2023-10-262 dayBrussels, БельгіяJurgen De Smet
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices (Certified Scrum Developer @ScrumAlliance)2023-10-305 dayTaipei, ТайваньTerry Yin
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2023-11-062 dayBerlin, НімеччинаCesario Ramos
LeSS in Action: Product Developer Practices2023-11-205 dayMunich, НімеччинаTerry Yin, Aki Enomoto
Coaching Agile Organizations Workshop2023-11-213 dayUtrecht, НідерландиCesario Ramos
LeSS in Action: Product Developer Practices2023-12-045 daySingapore, СінгапурTerry Yin
Certified Designing Agile Organizations2023-12-112 dayUtrecht, НідерландиCesario Ramos
Teamwork Wisdom2024-01-152 dayHelsinki, ФінляндіяAri Tikka
Designing Agile Organizations2024-04-182 dayBrussels, БельгіяJurgen De Smet