Org Topologies™ Practitioner (OTP)


Description :

About the event

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it is more important than ever for organizations to remain agile and adaptable. To address this need we have developed this practical two-day course for executives, managers and consultants.

The goal of the course is to give you the skills necessary to design, assess and maintain agile ecosystems at the enterprise-wide level to solve existing challenges by extending agility beyond team boundaries and established frameworks.

Agenda :

What you will learn during this two-day masterclass

Org Topologies™ will enable you to own and master your path toward higher states of adaptability, starting from wherever you are now. Your organization will be more customer-focused, enabling you to stay relevant for your customers and stakeholders in the long run.

The course explores the concept of Business Agility, which brings up organizational capabilities, behaviors and methodologies that enable companies to achieve their goals with freedom, flexibility and resilience. By embracing Business Agility, organizations can not only compete, but thrive in the digital age by seizing market shifts and new opportunities.

Before making changes, a solid understanding of the existing system is necessary. Taught by the creators of Org Topologies™ in an innovative format called “Org Design Studio” that allows participants to sketch, prototype, iterate, evaluate, and improve different org design options with ease.

Training content

  1. Challenges of the industry: "agile is dead", the prevalence of scaling frameworks and emergence of the DIY-methods, unsuccessful transformations.
  2. The essence of OrgTopologies™: two key org design drivers that determine organizational development.
  3. Sixteen archetypes of organization design for product development.
  4. Three ecosystems capturing the most recognizable dynamics in digital product development.
  5. Organizational stickiness and key paradigm shifts to overcome for real change.
  6. The capability gap and product gap. The difference between internal narrow products and broader customer value.
  7. Practice: participants learn to assess their organization to find (mis)fits between strategy, capabilities and org design.
  8. Practice: participants assess popular scaling frameworks and methods (SAFe, unFix, Team Topologies, FaST, LeSS, etc.) to understand their key differences, limitations and applicability boundaries.
  9. A case study of deep organizational change towards the higher-level archetypes.
  10. Personal transformation journeys of product managers, engineering managers, team members.
  11. Elevating Structures™ - practices and experiments to guide your organizations towards the higher-level archetypes.
  12. Practice: participants discover and present the options for improving their organizations in the light of Org Topologies™ body of knowledge.

Details :


This training is delivered by the creators of Org Topologies™

  • Alexey Krivitsky - an org design consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)
  • Roland Flemm - an org design consultant and Professional Scrum Trainer (PST)

Both have been actively consulting in the field of business agility and large-scale product development for more than 15 years each.

In-house Format?

If you are interested to invite us for an in-house workshop, please email us at

Price: 1 695 EUR

Early Bird Price: 1 290 EUR (End Date: 2024-04-30)