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Embrace the Role of a LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer

Introducing the LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer

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A LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer is a dedicated Scrum Trainer whose courses not only align with but also enrich the understanding of LeSS principles within the Scrum framework. These trainers adeptly introduce LeSS in their Scrum courses and are qualified to teach the Certified LeSS Basics course, a comprehensive one-day introduction to LeSS.

Ready to Step into this Exciting Role? If you’re already drawn to the prospect of becoming a LeSS-friendly Scrum trainer, we encourage you to connect with us. Simply email to express your interest. Our team is eager to assist you in this rewarding endeavor and guide you through the initial steps.

Pathway to Becoming a LeSS-friendly Scrum Trainer

Interested in listing your courses on our platform and becoming a recognized LeSS-friendly Scrum Trainer? Here are the criteria to get you started:

  • Experience with CLP Courses: Participation in two CLP courses, including at least one with Bas or Craig.
  • Existing Scrum Trainer Credentials: Be a CST, CEC, CTC, PST, or a “Candidate LeSS Trainer”.
  • Training Material Review: Have your Scrum training materials reviewed for alignment with LeSS principles.
  • CLB Material Sharing: If teaching CLB, provide your customized course material.
  • Essential Reading: Thoroughly read key LeSS literature including the Scaling Agile and Iterative Development book and the Large-Scale Scrum book.
  • Engagement with CLP Assessment: Complete the post-course CLP assessment at least once and contribute a question.
  • Co-Training Recommendation: Optionally, co-train a CLB with an existing LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer.

Upon completing a course, trainers are required to register participants.

What to Expect from LeSS-Friendly Scrum Training

In a LeSS-Friendly Scrum Training, participants can anticipate:

  • Adherence to Scrum Fundamentals: A course that stays true to the core principles of Scrum.
  • Clear Differentiation: Distinct clarification of what is and isn’t part of Scrum.
  • Alignment with LeSS: Consistency with LeSS principles and methodologies.
  • LeSS Specifics: Clarification on aspects of Scrum that are tailored in LeSS.
  • Introduction to LeSS: A brief yet insightful introduction to the LeSS framework.

Our Expectations from LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainers

We count on our LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainers to:

  • List Your Courses: Add your offerings, such as CLB courses, to the platform for visibility.
  • Participant Registration: Upload training participants’ details post-course.
  • CLB Course Fee: For CLB courses, process the registration fee of 50 USD per participant.
  • Collaborate on Material: Share and collaboratively enhance CLB training materials within the trainer group.
  • Uphold a Friendly Approach: Embody a supportive and collaborative spirit in all interactions.

Interested in this journey? If you’re ready to become a LeSS-friendly Scrum trainer, please reach out to us at after reading all the information above. We look forward to welcoming you into our community of esteemed trainers!