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(If you are interested in becoming a LeSS trainer (after reading all the below), please mail less_trainer AT

Who are LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainers?

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A LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer is a Scrum Trainer (CTC/CST/CEC/PST) whose Scrum courses are aligned with the LeSS concepts and introduces LeSS in their Scrum course. They are also able to teach the Certified LeSS Basics course, which is a one-day introduction to LeSS.

Becoming a LeSS-friendly Scrum trainer

If you are a LeSS-friendly Scrum trainer and want to list your courses here in the future, the criteria for that are:

  • Have gone through two CLP courses (with different trainers), at least one with Bas or Craig
  • Be a CST/CEC/CTC or PST or be a “Candidate LeSS Trainer”
  • Have your Scrum training material reviewed. For CST, their CSM. For PST, their flipcharts/additional slides. For CTC/CEC, their Scrum training.
  • Share your CLB material (if teaching CLB), and not using the standard variant
  • Thoroughly read both the Scaling Agile and Iterative Development book and the Large-Scale Scrum book
  • Have done the post-course CLP assessment at least once, and contributed a question to the assessment.
  • Recommended but not mandatory at the moment: Co-train a CLB with an existing LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer

The trainer will need to register the participants at the end of the course.

What to expect from a LeSS-Friendly Scrum Training

Courses from LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainers have been reviewed and as a participant you can expect that the course:

  • is consistent with Scrum.
  • clearly mark what is part of Scrum and what is not.
  • is consistent with LeSS.
  • clarify parts of Scrum that are slighly different in LeSS.
  • introduces LeSS briefly.

Expectations towards LeSS-friendly Scrum trainer

We expect the LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainers to:

  • Add your course (e.g. the CLB course, etc) here at, to show in our course listings.
  • Upload Scrum and LeSS training participants at the end of the course
  • For the CLB courses, pay the registration fee per participant, which is 50 USD
  • Share their CLB training material within the LeSS-Friendly Trainer group so they can collaborate on improvements to the standard variants
  • Be friendly!

(If you are interested in becoming a LeSS-friendly Scrum trainer (after reading all the above), please mail less_trainer AT