Huge LeSS Huge at BMW Group’s Autonomous Driving – Q&A session (onsite session)

The BMW Group decided to go through a significant change to deliver the highest customer value, learn faster than competitors, and create an easily adaptable organisation to ensure its first two goals. It is still in the middle of its journey.

Konstantin Ribel ( & Michael Mai ( wrote an in-depth examination of BMW Group’s LeSS adoption in the autonomous driving department. In this session, both authors will answer your questions.
Please read the case study ( and prepare your questions.

--- About Konstantin ---
Konstantin Ribel is an organisational design consultant, a LeSS trainer, and the first fomenter, of the LeSS Huge adoption at BMW Group’s Autonomous Driving division.
Konstantin worked in various engineering fields such as complex hardware design, embedded SW development and project management in United Kingdom and Germany.
He is convinced that today’s organizations need a radical structural change to shift mindsets, and unleash collective intelligence. His vision is to foster organizations where human intelligence and efforts are highly respected.
Strong desire to learn and question the status quo helped him in bringing LeSS Huge to BMW Group’s Autonomous Driving division.

--- About Michael ---
Michael is a deeply rooted coach and developer. He thinks beyond the edge of his mandate and discovers ways that take perspective for the enclosing system with all its actors. His affection for complex adaptive systems was nurtured during his study of computer science and continues with each coaching, training, and development engagement.
His connection to the very foundation of modern business agility is dominant. His broad understanding of technology, implementation, integration, organization, regulatory consideration, quality consideration, customer delight, and strategic orientation and support serves as base for holistic agile thinking and consul.
He started his professional career as a doctoral student only to be surpassed by his affection for complex adaptive systems and the shift agile thinking brings to the play. He progressively invested himself into coaching and teaching until it his current engagement with Valtech.

General note: Valtech GmbH will provide some drinks and some snacks (rolls, vegan & non-vegan). The door is open at 17.30 to mingle and connect with others from the LeSS Community Munich.

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