Personal Profile

Melbourne, Australia

Visual Management Mentor and Lean Agile Business Coach

Ben Hogan has been helping agile teams visualise their work since 2002, building team walls, information radiators and project war rooms. Ben has an enduring passion for awesome stationary and can perform magic with index cards. He is a veteran of introducing visualisation to many IT projects, IT operations teams and business teams including marketing, HR, finance and customer service. At the enterprise scale Ben has introduced visualisation practices in industries such as higher education, insurance and a start-up training organisations. He is one of the first people to teach Kanban in Australia, is a Lean Kanban Coach and is a participant in the Kanban Leadership Retreat. Ben is speaking on Visual Management at the upcoming Scrum Australia conference.   

Ben is also a highly experienced lean and agile coach, trainer and facilitator and has extensive experience helping clients to implement agile organisational transformation including Kanban, Scrum and Extreme Programming.