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Springfield, Virginia, Estados Unidos

I am an Agile Practitioner who firmly believes that Agile Transformation is an idea whose time has truly come. Given today's business pace and the speed of technological improvements, we really have no alternative but to adapt the way we work to account for these rapid changes in our environment or fall to the wayside.

As an IT professional with over twenty five years of progressive technical and business experience I have had the rare opportunity to work on both sides of the IT industry. This has given me a unique insight into my chosen industry. I have worked on or managed a number of infrastructure and software development projects over the years and I have seen firsthand the subtle disconnect within companies between their technical side and the business side which has often lead to frustration and mistrust on both sides. I've even seen instances where this also affected the relationship between the companies and their clients.

For this reason, I believe that Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Extreme Programming, and others when implemented properly can provide a means to better align the technical-business relationship within the company which will benefit not only the company but also the company-client relationship.

There are many ways in which the Agile Transformation can be implemented and it will vary with the company culture and the business environment. However, in order for the transformation to provide a stable and more permanent environment that fosters continuous improvement, those changes must not be limited to just product development or service. It must also extend to how we work with other departments within the company such as contracting functions in how we do business, HR functions in how we measure/reward our people, and Facilities Management in how we design and build out our work areas. Agile Transformation must take into account how we manage at the Program level, Architectural level, and Portfolio level of the company.