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Discover the Experts: Certified LeSS Coaches

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Leading Agile Transformations with Expertise
Our Certified LeSS Coaches are the vanguards of Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) transformations. These professionals have achieved their certification through rigorous training, many years of coaching and a deep commitment to the principles of LeSS within their respective Certified Coaching Companies.

Explore Our Community of Certified Coaches
We take pride in our community of Certified LeSS Coaches. Each coach brings a unique blend of experience, skills, and insights to the table, driving successful agile transformations in organizations around the globe.
Remember, every Certified LeSS Trainer is also an active, skilled coach.

LinkLocationCoaching Company
Nils BernertMunich, Alemanha
Gene GendelNew York, New York, Estados UnidosKSTS Consulting
Alexey KrivitskyMünich, AlemanhaAdaptivity, Inc
Thomas LatkaMünchen, AlemanhaValtech GmbH
Stanly LauSingapore, SingapuraOdd-e
Elisabeth LiberdaMunich, AlemanhaValtech GmbH
Krzysztof NiewinskiWarsaw, PolóniaProCognita
Wolfgang SteffensLohja, Finlândiakai kaku Oy
Markus TeczaMunich, AlemanhaValtech GmbH
Ari TikkaHelsinki, FinlândiaGosei Oy
Bas VoddeAmstelveen, Países BaixosOdd-e
Tomasz WykowskiKrakow, PolóniaProCognita
Terry YinSingapore, SingapuraOdd-e
Erwin YükselgilMunich, AlemanhaValtech GmbH

Why Connect with a Certified LeSS Coach?

  • In-Depth Expertise Our coaches possess unparalleled knowledge and experience in implementing LeSS principles in various organizational contexts.
  • Tailored Guidance Receive personalized coaching and advice tailored to your organization’s unique challenges and goals in agile transformation.
  • Proven Results Leverage the proven track record of our coaches in facilitating successful and sustainable agile transitions.

Take the Next Step

Whether you’re seeking expert guidance for your organization’s simplification journey or aspiring to become a Certified LeSS Coach yourself, our community is here to support you. Explore our list of certified coaches and embark on a transformative path with LeSS today.

Your Journey to Becoming a Certified LeSS Coach

Are you inspired to join this group of professionals? Learn what it entails to become a Certified LeSS Coach and how you can embark on this rewarding journey. Our detailed guide provides all the information you need to begin your path towards certification: Learn How to Become a Certified LeSS Coach.