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kai kaku Oy

Lohja, Finlândia

Enough of the change theatre at your organization?

You learned that by simply renaming the roles, artifacts, and events your organization will not become as agile as you want or need it to be?

Maybe it is time for a more in-depth and structural change in your organization. Easier said than done! Maybe you already did a major restructuring of your organization and yet it failed to deliver the results. Introducing an overall system optimization goal will bring transparency to your transformation, and it will allow you to achieve more benefits.

We want you to learn to solve your own problems, impediments, issues, hurdles whatever they are called. It has been shown over and over again that externally induced changes will typically not lead to the desired results in the long run and you will not reach your goals. Instead, you need to learn the capability together with your colleagues and partners to tackle those issues by yourself and find a solution that fits into your context.

In this journey, we are in together …


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Wolfgang Steffens Lohja, Finlândia

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