Personal Profile

Leandro JesusCEO - CIO - CTO - IT Director
Osasco, บราซิล


Hello! I am Leandro Jesus and I am a technical-minded and dynamic professional with hands-on experience in establishing organization's vision, driving business goals, improving operational efficiencies, and delivering innovative solutions. I am adept at grasping new concepts quickly, setting priorities and completing multiple tasks with efficient service delivery. I am highly skilled in Agile/Scrum practices, launching products, and managing projects from conception to completion. I am an expert in developing multidisciplinary teams, and building robust relations with global teams and stakeholders. I possess decision-making skills with a commitment to work effectively with both internal and external partners to maximize client satisfaction and retention rates. I have remarkable efficiency in delivering exceptional leadership with keen focus on optimizing business, segments of e-commerce, consumer goods, finance, taxation and online payment.

Some of my key milestones include:

• Headed Scrum Masters to increase effectiveness of Scrum application in the organization and collaboration in the delivery execution.
• Administered training of groups in self-organization to fill intentional gaps left in agile frameworks while mitigating impediments or guiding staff to remove impediments.
• Liaised with other agilists to create integration events by involving teams in different countries.
• Supported in establishing development guidelines by considering best practices and agile methodologies.

Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work—I’m always interested in making new professional acquaintances.