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Terry YinComputer Mentor
Singapore, Singapura

Terry is a developer of

Terry Yin is an Adaptive Coach of Odd-e team. He has 25 years experience in the software industry. Terry has been working at Nokia for 10 years mostly in R&D management and Agile transformation before joining Odd-e. He has coached Large Scale Scrum and software development technical practices in a large variety of software companies. Terry has been an active programmer for more than 25 years, crossing many domains. He’s open source software static analyser ( is used in many large organization, e.g. Nokia, Ericsson and even the Atlas experiment at CERN. He's also the developer of the web site. He’s also an experienced trainer and conference speaker.

Primary training, consulting, and coaching clients:

2015~2022: GovTech (Singapore Government Tech Company), Trainer
2021~2022: DKatalis (Indonesia), Trainer, Consultant
2021: Zooplus (Spain), Trainer
2017~2020: Bizreach Japan & Yahoo Japan, Trainer, Consultant
2019: BMW auto-drive project, Trainer
2019: Credit Suisse, Large-Scale Scrum Adoption, Coach and Programmer
2016~2019: GrooveX (Japanese Robot Company), Trainer, Consultant
2015: Titansoft Singapore, Agile Coach
2014~2015: UOB Singapore, New Web Experience Project, Agile Coach
2013~2014:, Agile Coach, Trainer
2011 ~ 2016: Nokia Networks, 4G LTE R&D. Agile Coach, Technical Coach
2011 ~ 2014: Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell, Agile Coach, Technical Coach
2005 ~ 2011: Nokia Networks, "IPA" platform. One of the first Large-Scale Scrum adoption in the world. As R&D manager