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Elevate Your Coaching Impact with Certified LeSS

Welcome to the journey of becoming a Certified LeSS Coaching Company. This path is designed to:

  • Foster meaningful connections between companies embracing LeSS and top-tier coaches in their local context.
  • Empower coaches to distinguish themselves through proven LeSS expertise and experience.
  • Connect coaches to companies adopting LeSS
  • Cultivate a global network of LeSS adoption by encouraging mutual learning and collaboration among coaches and companies.

Advancing Toward Recognized LeSS Expertise

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As a Certified Coaching Company, you become a beacon of LeSS principles. The certification hinges on your alignment with LeSS values, your track record in LeSS (or LeSS-like) experience, and your commitment to nurturing a culture of continuous improvement among your coaches.

Once certified, you can proudly register your coaches on the platform. Each coach must be a Certified LeSS Practitioner to qualify.

Building your LeSS legacy involves:

  • Showcasing case studies that highlight your LeSS journey, enhancing your visibility and credibility.
  • Utilizing tags for your unique skills and focus areas, making it easy for LeSS-adopting companies to find you based on expertise and location.
  • Gaining recognition through public likes from fellow certified individuals, visible to the entire LeSS community.
  • Encouraging open reviews from users, adding transparency and trust to your profile.

Where is your partner in continuous skill and experience enhancement.

Evaluating Your Coaching Company

Our evaluation process for coaching companies is comprehensive, focusing on:

  • Depth of experience
  • Alignment with LeSS values
  • Commitment to sustainable skill development

The evaluation process is dynamic, as it includes both objective and subjective elements, particularly regarding alignment with LeSS values.

Certification involves:

  • Company coaches have involvement in or contribution to a (new) LeSS case study.
  • An internet-based review assessing alignment with LeSS values, coaching experience, expertise, sustainability, and community involvement.
  • A tailored questionnaire to understand your company’s values, experience, and expertise, alongside a draft profile for the site.
  • A remote interview with your coaches and/or management, diving deep into your company’s operations, improvement practices, and vision for LeSS involvement.
  • An optional in-person visit for larger companies or those with physical offices, providing a firsthand look into your organizational dynamics.

These are more or less sequential, though will be able to make a decision at any point in time.

In-Depth Evaluation Steps

Case Study Contribution

The company or the coaches in the company must have been either involved in an already published case study or provide a case study of their own. The original case study author is the one who decides whether a person or company was involved in a case study.

A coach didn’t have to work for the coaching company at the time of the coach’s case study.

Internet-Based Review conducts a thorough online review. In this they will look for evidence of the following:

  • Aligned values (e.g., the company is not also providing support for conflicting ideas/values, such as PMP)
  • Evidence of coaching experience (e.g., LinkedIn recommendations or testimonials)
  • Evidence of expertise (e.g., published articles and books)
  • Evidence of sustainability (e.g., length of coaches employment and their activity during this period)
  • Community involvement

Explorative Questionnaire

A concise questionnaire to explore your core values, experiences, and expertise. complemented by a draft profile for your presence on
The company is also asked to provide their first draft Company Profile that they would like to have on the site.

Insightful Remote Interview

An engaging two-hour on-line dialogue with your team, delving into your operational ethos, improvement strategies, and aspirations within the LeSS ecosystem.

Personalized In-Person Visit

This is optional. An immersive experience, at least one day, at your office, offering a real-world glimpse into your organizational culture and practices. Have discussions with people and to Go and See how the organization works.
The cost of travel will be covered by the coaching company.

Coach Certification Criteria

For registering coaches, we rely on your integrity and due diligence. Coaches should:

  • Hold a Certified LeSS Practitioner title.
  • Have hands-on experience in a LeSS adoption.
  • Be well-versed in the three key LeSS books.

Partnership Investment

The annual partnership fee is 1000 USD, covering one coaching license, with an additional annual 1000 USD for each registered coach.

Begin Your LeSS Journey

Ready to elevate your coaching impact? Apply to become a Certified LeSS Coaching Company by reaching out to us at skrow.ssel@ynapmoc_gnihcaoc_ssel. Let’s shape the future of coaching together!