Certified Designing Agile Organizations


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Certified Designing Agile Organizations

Unlock the Secrets to Building Agile Organizations: Embrace a Paradigm Shift!


An Agile Transformation starts with the Organization Design​

As a leader, you understand that agility is crucial for meeting your customers’ evolving needs. However, did you know that the design of your organization can significantly impact your team’s ability to adapt?

In this powerful 2-day course you will gain valuable insights into creating an agile organization that aligns with and supports your business strategy. Enhance your leadership skills and empower your team to excel in today’s dynamic environment.

Through practical exercises and expert guidance, you will learn how to design an Agile organization including product definition, structure, roles, responsibilities, and even the appraisal system.

By the end of this course, you will have the tools to design your organization for adaptability and value delivery. You will understand the impact of management, processes, and structure on your organization. Plus, you’ll gain insights into the Agile mindset and how to avoid common adoption mistakes. You will gain the understanding of how to make informed decisions about the transformation that will be most beneficial to your organization, evolving in creating your own Agile frameworks that really fit what your organization needs.

This course is ideal for senior leadership, managers, tech-, and business representatives, Scrum Masters, and Agile coaches involved in agile organization redesign efforts. 

The course is certified by Creating Agile Organizations. The Creating Agile Organizations guide can be found here.

Join us as we redefine what it means to be agile and achieve business excellence through strategic agility.


Creating Agile Organizations - a brief introduction


Design for Strategic Agility

Stuck with a framework that doesn’t fit your organization? Develop a tailored operating model that evolves with your organization.

Overwhelmed by too many framework options? Simplify the transformation journey with a context specific, capability-driven approach.

No visible improvements from your transformation investment? Design your organization to align and support your strategic goals.

Coaches providing ‘answers’ without understanding your organization’s dynamics? Study context and strategic needs to successfully apply guidelines, axioms, and principles.

Teams feeling disempowered? Drive meaningful improvements and empower your teams.

Tailor Your Approach for Maximum Impact!

You might be wondering: How can I evolve from my current scaling framework?

While your framework suggests tailoring to your context, it often doesn’t provide the specifics on how to do that. That’s where our approach come in.

Why Use The CAO Approach?

  • Versatile Application: Whether you’re using
    Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, or any other framework, our
    guidelines help you evolve and improve your
  • Tailored Solutions: Specifically designed to
    address your capability gaps, providing you with
    actionable steps. Use our Designing Agile Organizations guidelines to confidently transition and enhance your agile setup, ensuring it perfectly fits your unique context and strategic goals.
DAO loop
Trainings are oriented on the methods of “Training from the back of the room”, as well as the effect of team learning over individual learning.

Unlock your organization’s potential to thrive in an ever-changing market!


Agenda :

The following topics will be covered in this course:

Day 1 – Organizing for adaptability

    What is an Agile Organization?
    Evolve Your Own Agile Organization Model
    A Systemic Approach for Designing an Agile Organization

Day 2 – Organization re-design guides

    12 Agile Organization Design Guides
    Organization Structure: How to structure the product group and surrounding organizational units
    Processes & Integration: How to Coordinate and integrate across units
    People Practices



Details :

After successful Course Completion, all participants will

  • be certified in Designing Agile Organizations
  • receive a digital version of the Creating Agile Organization book
  • receive the course handout as PDF


Wolfgang is a passionate, energetic, inspiring trainer, consultant, and authentic coach with 15+ years of experience in large-scale Lean and Agile Global Product Development. He is a certified trainer for Creating Agile Organizations, a Certified LeSS Trainer and LeSS Coach, a Systems Thinker, and a Scrum Master. His learning started in 2005 when he was introduced to Scrum and Agile for the first time. He coached organizations in their LeSS adoption from 2007 onwards and other methods like Kanban and SAFe. Systems Thinking and Systematic Problem Solving workshops are just some of his favorites.Wolfgang Steffens Trainer CAO

He has 10+ years of experience in Program and Project Management, including the successful commercial launch of products. Further, he has many years of experience as a Development Manager for Program Management at the Business Unit and division level within Nokia, as well as at the company level at Nokia Siemens Networks.

His 3+ years Round-The-World journey on a motorcycle with his dogs has sharpened his problem-solving skills and he started to practice the art of mindfulness.

Besides his long experience in telecommunication with Nokia/Nokia Siemens Networks, his latest assignments were in organizations like insurance, digital automation, retail, automotive, pump systems, electromechanical as well as electro-mechatronic product development organizations. In October 2020 he founded kai kaku Oy in Finland and he continues to provide training and coaching to organizations worldwide.



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