Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices

San Diego
Stany Zjednoczone

Description :

Course Highlights

In our training, participants:

  • Learn why team agility is not enough to build an organization that is able to adapt and deliver customer value fast
  • Understand the principles that guide you in creating organizational agility
  • Practice new thinking tools and explore rules, guides, and experiments that are most important for agility
  • Experience true agility during a LeSS simulation while building a product
  • Leave with action plans and resources to start making a difference in your working environment straight away

What makes our online courses stand out?

  • A course designed to be engaging and interactive (both with material and with collaborative work, where connecting with peers is more important than ever)
  • Many tips & tricks on how to apply LeSS and large-scale development both onsite and in a remote environment
  • Post-class support for all participants via Slack 
  • A flexible refund policy (up to 7 days before the class)
  • 100% money-back-guarantee if you’re not completely happy with the experience provided

Course Summary

Quickly delivering value and innovating in ever-faster cycle times has become a key differentiator between good and great enterprises. Large product-development organizations are turning to agile principles and large-scale Scrum to sustainably deliver that innovation at a fast pace.

The key questions many large product development organizations face are:

  • How to apply what works well on a small scale to large-scale developments?

  • What’s the design of an organization that optimizes for learning, agility, and customer value?

  • Can I redesign my organization to create an environment to succeed in the long run?

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is to organizations what Scrum is to teams: a simple, powerful, large-scale product development framework designed to evolve into something that fits perfectly within any unique context. LeSS builds on top of Scrum principles such as empiricism, cross-functional, self-managing teams, and provides a framework to apply them at scale. It presents simple structural rules and guidelines on how to adopt Scrum in large product development.

In this 3-day certified LeSS-training, you will learn the LeSS rules, principles, guides, and experiments. Key learnings of this course are:

  • Explain what LeSS is and what LeSS is not

  • Explain the LeSS roles and their purpose

  • Explain how LeSS is a Scrum-based approach to scaling

  • Explain the dynamics of component teams vs. feature teams

  • Summarize the impact of LeSS on organizational design (structures, policies, etc.)

  • Understand how your current organizational design influences the agility of your organization

  • Understand whether and how your organization can benefit from implementing LeSS

  • Explain how LeSS scales over approx. 8 teams

What is special about this course?

This course has been designed for a great interactive experience with techniques from “Training from the BACK of the Room” by Sharon Bowman and “Learning How to Learn” by Barbara Oakley, PhD. It will allow you to take in information in a multisensory way (hearing, seeing, discussing, writing, reflecting, and teaching it to others) and engage in an active review of your knowledge. At the end of the course, you will create action plans on how to use your new skills in your organization.

In this “Certified LeSS Practitioner” course, participants work in small groups on how to identify and avoid local optimization in a wide variety of areas and instead optimize the overall system. A good organizational design that supports the company's goals is the most important key to success in major product developments. In many practical "systems modeling" sessions, the participants get the answer to the question: Why? By that, they develop a deep understanding of a successful organizational design with large-scale Scrum.

The course includes experience reports from some LeSS adoptions, many exercises on specific questions of the participants, and detailed Q&A sessions to ensure that the interests of the participants are fully taken into account. Robert will also share his experience from working with multiple large, German, and international companies and thus demonstrate the theory with practical examples.

What do participants say about this course?

"Robert has delivered a deep, interesting, and engaging course that I was super glad to be a part of. I'm definitely going to recommend the course to my colleagues." - Max Heiliger, Scrum Master at HPI

"This was really the best training I ever participated in." - Linda Hartmann, Senior Tech Project Manager at adidas

"Excellent course. Robert is a very knowledgeable and capable trainer. I would highly recommend this training" - Steven Hawkes, Team Lead HW / SW Development at Ypsomed

Here is also in-depth review from a past participant: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/i-should-have-learned-less-years-ago-alioune-schurz/


At the end of the course, you will receive the CLP certification and an account on less.works. You will also receive a physical copy of the third LeSS book and digital copies of the first and second LeSS books.

In addition, after attending the course, you will be able to claim up to 24 SEUs (Scrum Education Units) under Category C, towards Scrum Alliance CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) credential.

Agenda :


The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Why LeSS
  • LeSS and Scrum (what do they have in common and what is different)
  • Component Teams vs. Feature Teams
  • The LeSS roles
  • The LeSS events
  • The LeSS principles
  • LeSS huge

Details :

Target Audience

This course is for everyone in product development: Scrum Masters and agile practitioners, team and organizational coaches, organizational leaders and senior managers, Product Owners and stakeholders, software engineers, hands-on technologists, and others.


The only prerequisite to the course is basic Scrum knowledge. That can be picked up by attending a Certified Scrum Master or a Professional Scrum Master course, or thoroughly reading Scrum introduction material such as the Scrum Primer and practicing Scrum.

About the Trainer

Robert is CEO of Lean Sherpas and one of 25 certified LeSS Trainers globally and one of the few with hands-on experience in LeSS and LeSS Huge. As a change agent for 15+ years consulting and coaching, he has worked with over 30 companies, including DAX-listed global brands such as Adidas, BMW, BP, Dr. Oetker, Henkel, Hilti, Hugo Boss, SAP, Volkswagen, and ZF.

From 2015 to 2016 he led a LeSS adoption at a Global Player in the Software Industry, scaling development from 3 to 7 teams and coaching the development and the management team on how to lead a scaled agile organization. In 2018 he contributed to significant improvements in product delivery at one of the biggest LeSS Huge adoptions in the world at BMW AG. Working with over 30 teams, including large groups of over 400 employees, he led them to deliver bi-weekly product increments consisting of hardware and software.

You can read more about Robert here.

Price: 2 200 USD

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