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LeSS Events

Below is a list of events that were posted by Certified LeSS Practitioners. You can subscribe to the upcoming events and then you will be informed about uploaded training material or photos.

We hope the events will further your LeSS understanding and allow you to grow your LeSS network!

Upcoming Events

Type Title By Date City
Meet-up Produktentwicklungs-Simulation mit LeSS Robert Briese 2024-02-21 (Online) Bremen
Meet-up LeSS SG Meet-up 02/2024 - Who built Jago Alex Titlyanov, Stanly Lau 2024-02-22 Singapore
Meet-up LeSS Coach Camp 2024 Sofia Pelzl, Markus Tecza 2024-05-09 Munich

Recent Events

Type Title By Date City
Meet-up Organisationsdesign - Warum? Was? Wie? (Was wenn ein Framework nicht passt?) Wolfgang Steffens 2024-02-07 Berlin
Meet-up It's all about the domain, honey! Carola Lilienthal, Markus Tecza 2024-01-29 Munich
Meet-up Event with Tom Siebeneicher - Topic TBD Gene Gendel 2024-01-12 (Online) New York
Meet-up Agile Sustainability, w/ Jutta Eckstein (2023 LeSS Conference, Keynote Speaker) Gene Gendel 2023-12-15 (Online) New York
Meet-up Simulating Success: Component vs Feature Team Composition Wouter Horsman 2023-12-14 Amsterdam
Meet-up Beyond Budgeting - Business agility in Practice, with Bjarte Bogsnes Gene Gendel 2023-12-07 (Online) New York
Meet-up Understanding Context using Causal Loop Diagramming James Carpenter 2023-12-06 (Online) Santa Barbara
Meet-up The Balance between Alignment and Autonomy, with Mark Bregenzer Gene Gendel 2023-11-24 (Online) New York