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LeSS Supporting Courses

Besides the certified LeSS courses, there are supporting courses for learning more about LeSS given by Certified LeSS Coaches. For example, there are courses that cover the necessary and supporting technical practices.

Here are some ‘standard LeSS supporting courses’:

Upcoming courses

Designing Agile Organizations2023-01-262 dayLisboa, ПортугаліяCesario Ramos
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices2023-01-305 daySingapore, СінгапурTerry Yin
Designing Agile Organisations2023-02-222 dayUtrecht, НідерландиCesario Ramos
Leading Effective Teamwork2023-02-232 dayBerlin, НімеччинаAri Tikka
Leading Effective Teamwork2023-03-162 dayHelsinki, ФінляндіяAri Tikka
Creating Agile Organizations2023-03-213 dayUtrecht, НідерландиCesario Ramos
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices (Certified Scrum Developer @ScrumAlliance)2023-03-275 dayTaipei, ТайваньTerry Yin
Designing Agile Organizations2023-04-252 dayUtrecht, НідерландиCesario Ramos
Leading Effective Teamwork2023-05-042 dayMünchen, НімеччинаAri Tikka
Designing Agile Organisations2023-05-102 dayLisboa, ПортугаліяCesario Ramos
Creating Agile Organizations2023-06-063 dayUtrecht, НідерландиCesario Ramos
Designing Agile Organizations2023-09-192 dayUtrecht, НідерландиCesario Ramos