Coaching Company Profile

Valtech GmbH

Düsseldorf, Germania
Address: Toulouser Allee 23a

As a full-service digital agency, Valtech combines long-standing technology competence with marketing experience. Valtech sees itself as a partner for the digital transformation of companies.

Our scope of service ranges from mobile applications and online campaigns to e-commerce and customer engagement platforms and also includes custom-tailored software development and agile methodology consulting.

The Valtech GmbH is part of the Valtech Group with about 2600 employees in 31 locations in 14 countries. In Germany you can find us in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt und Munich.

Valtech was founded in France in 1993 and is listed there on the Paris Stock Exchange. Our international references include among others: Audi, Louis Vuitton, Michelin und Novartis. Our partner network includes among others, companies like Adobe, Hybris and Sitecore.


This mission was performed by Valtech GmbH with up to 7 coaches.


Name Location
Dirk Lässig Düsseldorf, Germania
Mark Bregenzer Munich, Germania
Nils Bernert Munich, Germania
Michael Mai Munich, Germania
Robert Wappler Dusseldorf, Germania
Karsten Jahn Düsseldorf, Germania
Markus Cansever Munich, Germania
Lars Lackmann Offenbach, Germania
Markus Tecza Munich, Germania
Elisabeth Liberda Munich, Germania
Benjamin Brachert Munich, Germania
Thomas Latka München, Germania
Markus Degen Munich, Germania
Gina Röge Aachen, Germania
Erwin Yükselgil Munich, Germania

Company Admin: Mark Bregenzer