LeSS Coach Camp 2024

Welcome to the LeSS Coach Camp 2024!

This time we will meet in beautiful Munich from 9th to 12th of May 2024.

The venue will be in the Valtech office (because we have a nice workspace there to benefit from). We will workshop there on 10th and 11th of May. We also offer hotel rooms nearby (200m next to the venue).


Please register for this event until 30.04.2024 using this link: Register for the LeSS Coach Camp

Please make sure that you book your hotel (see address of closest hotel below). Location with about 8.000 seats close to the Nymphenburg palace. The Hirschgarten S-Bahn station for public transport with a direct connection from and to the airport (45 minutes drive) is within walking distance. :

Valtech GmbH

Friedenheimer Brücke 29

80639 München

google-maps link to venue

Holiday Inn Express

Friedenheimer Brücke 15

80639 München

+49 89 443 8880 holiday-inn

About the LeSS Coach Camp

This camp is intended for practicing LeSS Practitioners who have prior knowledge of LeSS and at least tried to implement a Large-Scale Scrum adoption at an organization. This is your chance to interact with and learn from experienced Large-Scale Scrum Trainers who will attend this event, other trainer candidates and practitioners from all around the World! The intention for this camp is to be a place to meet and learn. The plan is to have a space for learning where mistakes are OK. Once the stage is set we'll have an Open Space or like structure to work on topics that the participants will choose. Here are some areas where it'd be great to learn from/with each other:

  • sharing in depth experiences in adopting LeSS with customers
  • starting and framing a potential LeSS engagement with a new client
  • LeSS games
  • applying systems thinking, introducing CLDs
  • applying feature team adoption maps
  • facilitating the creation of a perfection vision, initial DoD, overall retrospectives, product definition
  • growing internal coaches, supporting communities of practice

and more...

Please klick here for more details: https://lesscoachcamp.org/

We, the organizers, are people from the Munich LeSS Community. Driven mainly by Sofia Pelzl and Markus Tecza, also Michael Mai, Andre Marquis, Jens Kühnel, Jan Klostermann and Mark Bregenzer are supporting. We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful city!

Your LeSS Coach Camp Munich Organizers

To get a little more of the great spirit of this event, take a look at impressions from past LeSS Coach Camps in different countries :-)

Event Photos