Seeing System Dynamics - System Modelling with Causal Loop Diagrams

This is the first workshop of a mini series of 3 workshops focusing on the topic of Continuous Improvement in companies.

This first workshop builds the fundamental knowledge of seeing System Dynamics and the participant will learn System modelling with Causal Loop Diagrams.

Very often people in organizations still use linear thinking models i.e. they see only linear cause-effect relations. Reality is made up of circles but we see straight lines…

In today's complex world, systems thinking with cicular models proofes to be more useful in many situations to understand the interrelationships rather than linear cause-effect chains and make better decisions. It is a key cornerstone for a Learning Organization to understand those system dynamics.

Systems thinking is also a key to owning not renting ideas about organizational design, because it has tools to help people talk about, reason about, and visualize organizational systems, and as a consequence arrive at
their own insights about a system and its dynamics.

Concretely, doing systems thinking means to sketch, think about, and talk about system dynamics with a causal loop diagram (or system model). System models are used to help see the dynamics of what’s going on in
large-scale development. It is useful to understand them for that reason alone. And more useful to you, we recommend you do these together with colleagues at a whiteboard.

Thus, we have an opportunity to come together and learn to model to have a conversation about a system, so in this meetup we will do a hands-on workshop to think about the system by modelling with causal loop diagrams. Interesting and useful!

Ari, Ran & Wolfi

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