Personal Profile

Albert ValienteTeam Coach | QA Strategist
Barcelona, Spain

For as long as I can remember, I have considered myself an insatiable learner and someone who pays close attention to detail. So, when the opportunity of working as a Quality Assurance Engineer arose, I accepted it without any hesitation.

I tried to learn as much as I could from any practices or processes. The more I knew about the existing constraints, the more I could look for alternatives which could improve not only the status quo but also the work environment. At the same time, I discovered that without a trustworthy team, you can't achieve valuable goals, so not only did I become a QA enthusiast but also an advocate of Team Dynamics.

During that journey, I discovered the Agile world. In all honesty, it was a revelation. No other philosophy is better aligned with my mindset than Agile. The Agile Manifesto speaks about developing in a sustainable way, to keep people engaged and motivated. I would go further, and have our society and planet in mind too. Sustainability from all perspectives is a must if we want to assure not only a profitable organisation but also a global positive balance.

So let’s keep learning individually, as a team, as an organisation and, of course, as a society that cares about our environment!