Personal Profile

Daniel WestermayrDirector, Trainer, Coach for Organizational Design
Munich, เยอรมนี

After a successful 20+year-career in traditional software development as requirement engineer, project lead and usability coach in big projects the very first agile project in 2015 opened a whole new world (just the like Matrix' red pill I was amazed on how deep the rabbit hole goes).

Being unsatisfied with the way the agile transformation ultimately went I decided to quit my corporate job and instead founded a successful coaching company that focuses on helping other companies on their journey towards business agility and a being a better place to work.

My main focus helping people deal with stakeholders, working on clear and measurable user stories, storymapping, and coaching in gentle ways to say no. Clear focus is the key to speedy and high quality delivery. I am especially fond of combining various feedback methods to ensure alignment. Embrace change!

Recently I expanded my knowledge in scaling, to help companies develop into learning organizations and work on organizational design.