Personal Profile

Denis SalnikovScrum Master
Krakow, Poland

Denis Salnikov is a certified Scrum Master & LeSS Practitioner actively consulting, coaching, mentoring, and teaching cross-functional development teams, companies management, and organisations since 2014. 

Denis has led and taken an active part in several agile transformations initiated from scratch, working with both development teams and management, helping to establish and foster an agile mindset, self-organization and product ownership. He has supported several companies across Europe and US in their LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) framework adoptions. He also has first-hand experience with the Nexus framework and the "Spotify model". 

Denis's main goal is to help organisations and their development teams deliver successful high-quality product(s) or service(s) while preserving a passionate working atmosphere and fostering collaboration between tech and business. That includes supporting and leading change initiatives and scaling efforts, helping to redefine organisational design and optimising the system as a whole with Systems Thinking.